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Admission of Wong Choong Ming As A Partner of Folks DFK Group of Firms

05 January 2017

On behalf of the Partners I am pleased to announce the admission of Wong Choong Ming as a partner of the joint firms of Folks DFK & Co / Azman, Wong, Salleh  & Co and all of the affiliated firms in Malaysia with effect from 1  January 2017.

Choong Ming, 47, is graduate of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) and was admitted as a member in 1994. He was admitted to the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) in 2001 and made a member of CPA Australia in 2008. Choong Ming commenced his MICPA articleship in the firm of KPMG in December 1994 and have since held senior financial positions in various public listed companies prior to joining our Group of Firms in 2014.

Wong Choong Ming ‘s Audit Licence Approval is  3289/10/2018(J)

I invite all to welcome Choong Ming as a partner of our Group of Firms and to join me in providing him all the support we can to help raise our Group of Firms to greater success.

In his short time with us Choong Ming has exhibited an eagerness to raise the performance of the Group and a readiness to accept anything, including new business areas,  passed onto him and in this respect we look forward Choong Ming’s contributions to lead us through exciting and  better times ahead.

Congratulations and welcome Choong Ming!


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