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DFK Blog Series 5

15 November 2016


Blog Series 5

En-route to the DFK Asia Pacific annual conference, Executive Director, Martin Sharp, took the opportunity to visit the member firms in Singapore, J.K. Medora, PG Wee, MHC and Ng Lee.

J.K. Medora

My first office call was to J.K. Medora to meet partners Jamshid and Xerxes Medora and their dedicated team of experts, including Rebecca Tan, Kalyani and Amy Lai.  Their offices are located in the downtown core of Singapore amidst multi-national banks, law firms and leading financial service providers.  Although the firm is relatively small with a staff of around a dozen experts, they have undertaken major assignments and evaluations for prominent companies and are highly experienced in dealing with expatriate European and American companies in Singapore.  An active member of DFK, the firm is always well represented at DFK conferences in the region and worldwide and has a record of providing fast and reliable responses to international enquiries in to Singapore.  J.K. Medora has been proactive in referring their clients to other DFK members in the region and beyond and it was encouraging to hear that clients have been very pleased with the service received.

PG Wee

Located close to the International Plaza amid the skyscrapers of Anson Road, PG Wee occupy very smart offices at the other end of downtown from J.K. Medora.   Classified as Small and Medium Practitioners, the firm provides personalised and value added Audit, Accounting, Secretarial, Tax, Business Advisory and Risk Advisory and Assurance services to Small and Medium Enterprises.  Partners PG and C M Yeng lead a team of professionals with an ethos of empowering their people with professional proficiency and dignity. In so doing, their vision is to be the preferred accounting professional.  Due to their size, they are able to enjoy a critical mass in order to provide personalised service, offering in-depth knowledge, experience and skill in each service area.  We discussed developments in the profession in Singapore and how these mirror those taking place in many other parts of the world.  We also explored how we might find more ways of sharing knowledge and experience among DFK members in dealing with the changing environment so that members can be better equipped to prepare for the future, whatever it might bring.



MHC Partnership is a long-standing member of DFK International located in mixed commercial and business area close to downtown Singapore.  Their professional practice has 2 partners with staff strength of more than 20 professional and support staff.  The firm is well equipped to provide accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate secretarial and consultancy services to a wide range of clients, including manufacturers, traders, contractors/developers, solicitors, schools, travel agencies, management corporations and clubs/societies/associations.  MHC Partnership has been engaged by the Ministry of Education to perform internal audit for government schools in Singapore and have carried out internal audit for more than 50 government schools ranging from primary schools to junior colleges.  The firm has good international experience and have performed audit and due diligence work in China and Malaysia as well as business advisory and taxation services for our clients’ Malaysian and Hong Kong operations.  I met with partners Cheong Mun Hong and Cheong Kum Foong, with whom I discussed how we might find more ways of sharing knowledge and experience within DFK, especially on matters such as the practical implementation of IFRS changes.


Ng Lee & Associates DFK

My final call on DFK members in Singapore was to Ng Lee & associates, DFK’s largest member firm in Singapore with a staff of of around 80 people.  Located in Cecil Street in central Singapore, the associated companies of the firm occupy 2 levels of the building.  Ng Lee & Associates has been a leading member of DFK for many years and continues to service numerous local and international clients, including public and private companies and individuals.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Jerry Lee, Pho Mui Hwa and Francis Chua during my visit to Singapore and met numerous staff in the busy office.   Managing partner Jerry Lee has been at the forefront of DFK in the Asia Pacific region for many years and the association owes much of its current strength to his efforts.  I can only add to the thanks of my predecessors down the years.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the firms for making time to host us and discuss membership of DFK with me.


–    Martin Sharp, Executive Director, DFK International

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