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HB&O reaping the benefits of DFK membership

21 December 2016

left to right – Phil Ewing (HB&O), Martin Sharp (DFK International), Mark Ashfield (HB&O) and Barry Lewis (DFK International)

Harrison Beale & Owen (HB&O) is celebrating a successful first year as members of DFK International.

Since joining DFK the Leamington and Coventry-based accountants and business advisers have used their membership to help clients with expansions, as well as overcoming business hurdles.

Metal finisher ActOn Finishing has recently expanded into Malaysia and HB&O used a partner firm – Folks DFK – in Malaysia to undertake the international accountancy work.

Another one of HB&O’s clients Advena Medical had moved its registered offices to Malta to avoid the implications of Brexit, and used HB&O’s DFK membership to locate a suitable office to trade from in the country.

Phil Ewing, director at HB&O, said: “Becoming members of DFK has become extremely useful for us as we have been able to broaden our own contacts which in turn has benefited our clients.

“Being a part of the DFK network also enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse of our industry and understand the latest trends around the globe.

“It was brilliant to receive a visit in person from DFK, and we look forward to developing the relationship further in the coming years.”

Martin Sharp, international executive director of DFK International, and Barry Lewis, EMEA regional executive officer, met with HB&O recently. Martin said: “HB&O is an important member of our UK and Ireland group.

“We’re delighted the firm is utilising its membership of DFK to support its clients and we valued the opportunity to meet up with Phil and Mark to find out more about HB&O and its growth.”


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