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Historic appointment for DFK International

09 August 2018

A joint head of DFK International’s largest member firm by fee revenue has been made the first female Deputy President of the association.

The historic appointment of Harriet Greenberg, co-managing partner at Friedman LLP in New York, means she will be the first woman to become President of DFK International.

Harriet said: “It is an unbelievable honour and I am proud to be considered worthy of this position.

“My vision is to grow the membership both in the US and internationally, to provide more resources for members so that we become a go-to organisation and to get the next generation of members to participate and be enthusiastic supporters.”

Harriet has more than 30 years of experience in the profession and since 1985 has been a partner at Friedman LLP, where she also spearheads the Women’s Development Network to encourage and mentor women at the firm.

She believes her appointment reflects DFK International’s desire to promote and champion women within the association and profession at large, and hopes to inspire both young men and women within member firms to become actively involved in the association.

She said: “I hope to encourage new and younger members of our firms, both men and women, to be included in the DFK experience because it has been amazing for me.  I have been involved a little over 10 years and my only wish is that I had started when I was 20!

“Every time I go to a conference I pick up something that is valuable to take back to my firm. DFK has been responsible for many changes in my firm and I want younger people to experience the same benefits as I have.

“Whenever I take someone from my firm to a DFK event, they become enthusiastic supporters and consistently request to go again.

“It’s the experience of meeting people from all over the world which leads to business all over the world, and the ability to see a different country or culture, and the remarkable information that they pick up.”

Harriet’s appointment was made at DFK International’s Annual Conference in Munich in July, and after her term as Deputy she will take over from President Roland Graf in 2020.

Roland said: “I really could not think of anyone else who would be better in this position, and that’s not because Harriet is a woman but because she is very involved and very dedicated to DFK International.

“I think it is very important for every enterprise, not only DFK, to have women in their leadership as they bring different views and qualities.  We are fortunate to have several in very senior positions and I am very much looking forward to working with Harriet in this role.”

Harriet added: “I think DFK International is more important than ever because independent firms need resources beyond what is available to any of us individually, and by getting together we have the combined resources of 10,000 accountants.

“I am going to do my best to do a good job for them, as good as Roland and Demetris Demetriou before him who are amazing leaders and extremely dedicated, and I hope that together we take DFK upward and forward.”

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