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Audit Assurance

All audit and assurance assignments are led by partners to ensure the quality of services and compliance with auditing standards. All significant issues are subject to consultation where appropriate with the Audit Practice Committee comprising partners and senior technical staff to ensure objectivity of decisions. Audit assignments are subject to regular monitoring reviews. Our personnel receive regular audit, accounting and other training relevant to ensure they maintain a high level competency and are equipped with computer assisted audit tools to enable them to deliver their services with efficiency.

Services included in the Audit and Assurance Division:

  • Statutory audits – required by Malaysian Companies Act 2016 and the Labuan Companies Act 1990
  • Special audits – whether required by legislations, regulations or compliance with overseas requirements.
  • Quarterly audits/reviews – required by Bursa
  • Management and systems audits
  • Investigative audits
  • Internal audits – outsource and co-sourcing
  • Due diligence audits/reviews
  • Reporting accountants for public offers and issues of equities and debts
  • Due diligence audits/reviews
  • Cooperative audits