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José’s “amazing” time in Dublin at an end

05 October 2016

Anne Brady McQuillans DFK said adios to José Serrano last week, after he spent two months at the Dublin firm.

José arrived in August from fellow DFK member Abante Auditores, based in Murcia, and the exchange helped him improve his English language skills and dealing with international clients.

The 35-year-old, who has a PHD in Economics, had never worked outside Murcia and described his experience with Anne Brady McQuillans DFK as ‘amazing’.

During his time in Ireland, he threw himself into the culture of the country, bringing his young family over for his first month and then opting to stay on for another month after they left – using up his entire month’s holiday period.

José said: “The experience started off being just for me but turned into a great family adventure, one of my main aims was to improve my English but I ended up developing so many more skills.

“Since my first day, the team included me like a normal team member. With patience and effort, my Irish co-workers taught me some crucial skills like making financial statements, working papers and planification.

“I will definitely come back and spend more time in Dublin – two months there really wasn’t enough. It would be great if one of my new Irish friends can come to my office here in Spain and learn some skills from us too. I’ll be back to see everyone at the Christmas party!”

José operated as a chartered accountant, taking on in-house audits and assisting on other audits for the company and will now implement his new skillset and strengthened understanding of English in his role back in Spain.

Anne Brady, Senior Partner at Anne Brady McQuillans DFK, said: “It was excellent having José with us.

“José is extremely talented and was very popular amongst the team. His grasp of the English language improved markedly during his time with us and became more and more fluent over the course of the two months.

“It was a great cultural experience for José and it was great to see him embrace it.”

Anne Brady McQuillan DFK have been taking on exchange staff for over ten years – regularly organising young professional exchanges within DFK.

In the past, the firm has sent staff to Australia and facilitated one member of staff to move to Perth.

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