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Staff Exchange Programme Success

14 September 2017



Anne Brady McQuillans DFK has welcomed Vedran Marinic who is spending two months at the Dublin firm to improve his English language skills.

Vedran, from fellow DFK member firm iAudit based in Croatia, is visiting Ireland as part of DFK International’s staff exchange programme.

He is less than one month into the exchange, but has already seen his language skills improve through practicing accounting and auditing in English.

Vedran said: “It’s my first time in Ireland and it’s very exciting to be here. Having the opportunity to work at another firm within DFK is excellent, and even though I’ve only been in Dublin a few weeks my English is already improving.

“Here I can practice both accounting and auditing in English, something I am not able to do at my firm in Croatia. The team has been very welcoming and are always happy to help.

“I’m staying with a host family who are such nice people. I’m enjoying the whole experience and can certainly see myself coming back to Ireland in the future.”

Anne Brady McQuillans DFK has been taking part in the staff exchange programme for 11 years, welcoming colleagues from DFK firms based in countries including Spain, Germany and Sweden.

Anne Brady, Senior Partner at Anne Brady McQuillans DFK, said: “We are delighted to have Vedran joining us. He is very talented and popular with members of the team and is enjoying his time here. His English was already very good, but his business English is improving and I’m sure he will become even more fluent over the course of the two months.

“Our staff exchange programme was launched a number of years ago and offers huge benefits to both the host firms and the individuals who take part.

“People take part for a number of reasons – it could be that colleagues would like to spend some time abroad after qualifying or they would like to improve their English. Member firms can also call out for assistance when they are particularly busy – a busy time in one part of the world might not be in another.

“The exchange is an excellent cultural experience for Vedran and we hope he continues to enjoy his time with us.”

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